Welcome to Dept. of Islamic Studies

The Department established in 2014, has been in the vanguard of Islamic education in the territory now comprising Bangladesh. Although it is important to understand the technical & theoretical aspects of the education, it is equally critical to see education in its complex social context and, thereby, gain an appreciation of the real education as a vehicle for the pursuit of social as well as human life. In addition to all the basic classes which are considered necessary to a moral education, we offer courses, seminars, and workshops which both reflect the professional interests of our students and also serve to enrich the learning experience. Our curriculum provides students with the educational preparation necessary for careers in future life, the corporate world, teaching; government, non-government and public services, banks as well as other less traditional careers.

The Department of Islamic Studies has a history of innovation in its curriculum, methods of teaching, and programs. We are proud of our special learning environment in KYAU. It is our goal to provide our students with the knowledge and skills important to a moral and real education along with the opportunity to put that knowledge and skill into action in ways that contribute to the personal development of our students and to the betterment of our community. We believe you will agree that Islamic education at Khwaja Yunus Ali University provides an exciting, enriching, and enlightening experience for future on behalf of the demands of Islamic Shariah and Culture.