Welcome to Dept. of Law

Law is a Social science closely related with other social sciences. It is interlinked to and interwoven with various facts of and often reflected the changes taking place in the society. Therefore, legal education should be aimed at helping students to develop inter-disciplinary approach for raising the personality and the intellectual ability to understand the society and the human situation and act timely in a changing social order.

The department of Law under the School of Law of Khwaja Yunus Ali University (KYAU) offers a 4-year bachelor degree called ‘Bachelor of Law’ in eight semesters within a span of four academic years. To become a graduate in this field one has to complete 134 credits. The LLB program has been designed to provide students with broader legal understanding and academic discipline. It aims to enable a student to acquire firm understanding of legal principles and their legal knowledge in various areas of law.

Apart from acquiring a sound knowledge of basic law subjects, students should also acquire working legal knowledge of variety of disciplines, particularly from Humanities and social sciences and be trained in the basic legal skills of advocacy and research. However, the primary objective of legal education is to produce competent and conscientious students of law who have to absorb and master the theories of law, its philosophy, its function and its role in a democratic society and could be expected to follow the branches of legal profession, namely, bench, bar and law teaching.