Welcome to Dept. of Mechatronics and Micro-Mechatronics Engineering

In view of global necessity, it is clear that postgraduate degree in mechatronics engineering will play an important role in future demand of highly professionals in this field. The national and international requirement of professionals of mechatronics engineers is increasing day by day for the developing and developed countries. From this perspective, it is of vital importance to offer high quality education to the next generation of mechatronics engineers. The Master's program in mechatronics engineering offers students deep knowledge and functional skills in most fields of relevance for mechanical / Electronic Engineering. After graduation, students will be well prepared for future positions within the advanced professional arena, or in a Mechanical- Electronic System Engineering research environment. Students of Mechatronics have the possibility to work in the framework of interesting national and international research projects. Acquiring this qualification will allow   the degree holder to join as specialized Engineer. This will allow the student to join a Ph D program directly in any of the university in side Bangladesh or in the Universities of European Union Countries.

The two-year Master’s program includes three terms of course activities and one term of degree project work, adding up to a total of 120 credit points (CP). Courses will include lectures, classroom exercises, laboratory exercises, study visits and project work. The program is coherent with the international Master of Science in Mechatronics Engineering.

Compulsory courses will provide all students in the program with a strong foundation in the respective field. The large selection of elective courses will then give the students a unique possibility to go in several different directions. The research-oriented students have several possibilities to choose courses in preparation for work. At the same time, students interested in more industry-related Mechatro-Electronic engineering field can choose courses preparing them for a position in the industry, with an optional management-oriented specialization.