Welcome to Dept. of Pharmacy

The study of Pharmacy concerns the scientific, professional and social aspects of medicines. It has progressed leaps and bounds from the traditional practitioners who would collect, prepare and dispense medications from their homes to becoming a several trillion-dollar industry in the twenty-first century.

The pharmacy graduate today has the tremendous responsibility of keeping abreast with the emergence of diseases, developing new tools to combat all diseases, developing better hospital practices, and even getting involved in the development and practices of preventive and community medicine. Given the complexity of modern medicine, the pharmacist has to be aware of potential drug interactions and their effect on human health.

The pharmaceutical industries have added new dimensions with the production of health supplements and venturing into cosmetics as well as feed and medicinal formulations for agro-businesses like crops, fish, cattle and poultry. Taken together, the pharmacist has to be familiar with all these disciplines including recombinant DNA technology to satisfy the demands of drug targeting and gene therapy.

The B. Pharm. (Hons.) program in Khwaja Yunus Ali University aims to introduce the students to pharmacy as a profession: to provide knowledge on the responsibilities and uniqueness of the pharmacists in pharmaceutical industry, hospital and community pharmacy and to help them to acquire knowledge in their coursework for the real benefits of patients and the people.