Welcome to Dept. of Textile Engineering

The textile sector in Bangladesh has been developing rapidly to meet the necessities of the huge population of the country as well as for the export sector which is flourishing because of our available manpower resource. Garments and textiles are now considered as the backbone of our economy. By exporting quality goods, Bangladesh has already been turned into a major supplier. Textiles have not only used for wearing but also hugely used in different sectors like technical textiles. Considering the competitive, open international market around the world, Bangladesh has paid a great deal of emphasis upon this sector. Extensive growth of textile industry has created a lot of job opportunities for skilled manpower.

Our aim is to disseminate the valuable knowledge of Textile Engineering among the students who are meritorious, innovative and interested to contribute economic development through serving the country and to fulfill the demand of skilled manpower with quality products and to export of skilled and efficient manpower abroad.