Modern Computer Lab

The university has a modern central computer lab providing computing and internet facilities to the students and faculty members/officers. The laboratory is maintained by experienced teachers and equipped with sufficient numbers of computers so that each of the students can use one computer to follow the lecture. Each computer is connected with LAN and installed with many required technical and educational software. The computer lab has served over the years as the hub for computer related services in the campus.

It has a unique position in providing computing and network facilities to the campus to serve the University for all its IT requirements. Our students use this lab not only for tech-learning but also for virtual travelling in the Universities across the globe. We train and motivate our students to use this lab as a tool to learn about world’s renowned Universities, their admission requirements, application systems, and things what are constantly happening in the rapidly changing world.

Being paralleled to our English Language Club, the lab also serves as a great channel in preparing our students for GRE, TOEFL, IELTS and other English proficiency tests required for their next trip to study abroad. Now our current plan is to expand the optical backbone network to students’ halls and teachers’ residential area with the availability of secured access of the academic and research materials very soon.