The Member Secretary

Dr. Rubaiyat Farzana Hussain

I admit I had to face an enormous task running the ongoing programs of 15 academic departments initiated during startup sequence by the initial management. I must acknowledge their initial support. They were able to make the university go against a number of obstacles.

We have still difficulties in running the departments; the hurdles being requisite number of students required number of senior Teachers, infrastructure facilities especially Laboratories. We did not reach to the full handshake between demand and supply.

However, our students are getting quality education with minimal charges and a substantial number of students are enjoying waivers up to 100%. Our organization is a No-Profit Organization.

We can say, we are working hard to make the university comparable to international standard. Rome was not built in a day. All of us involved in the welfare of the university teachers, students and employees have to bear with us, a new building is being built just by the side of the existing one. The old building is being renovated to accommodate teachers and house laboratories.


A good day is ahead, Best of luck.