The Treasurer

Mr. M.A. Rashid Khan
Treasurer, KYAU

Dr. Mir Mohammad Amjad Hussain is an insurmountable personality, adoptable and imitable character, sweet tongue, pleasant talker, most friendly, humanist true patriot and philanthropist, plain living and averse to luxury rather fond of austerity, opposed to exposure, “this world is meant for action and death is for rest and Peace” a philosophy fully found in him, a person sent to this world with a vision of up lift meant of human beings, nation and the country at large.

In implantation of the above vision, he undertook the mission of establishing benevolent projects. Considering the basic needs of the people, he has established Medical college and Hospital, Nursing collage, Laboratory School & collage and alma mater Khwaja Yunus Ali University and thus he met two fundamental necessities i.e. health and education of the people, which he has successfully accomplished. “Man is for man, above all humans are, equal to none.”

Now our holy responsibility is to discharge our endeavors towards the gradual development of this alma mater and thus pay homage to departed soul of this great man, unparalleled in our country.

May Allah bless us.