The Vice-Chancellor

Prof. Dr. Hossain Reza, Ph.D
Vice-Chancellor, KYAU

I met Dr. Mir Mohammad Amjad Hussain in his eighties still defying challenges of aging. His brilliant mind, indefatigable devotion to work and his spirit captivated everyone who knew him. His special ability to motivate people induced me to join the team working at KhwajaYunus Ali Medical College in 2005 as Principal. The sad demise of Dr. Mir Mohammad Amjad Hussain on September 11, 2013 stunned and saddened all who were privileged to know him. He expected the best and somehow brought out the best of the people.

His successors, his illustrious sons and daughters who came into the helm of affairs of managing the organizations left by him ushered me again to join the KhwajaYunus Ali University in 2012 as Dean, Biomedical Science and later as Vice-Chancellor in 2015. Thus, KhwajaYunus Ali University is a legacy left to us by a giant personality, the country can be proud of the trait of his organizations as known to the world to be the very best of its kind. KhwajaYunus Ali University is no exception. We do not want KYAU to be listed just as one of the Private Universities to the ever-increasing number of Private Universities. We have to be the very best of its kind.

The beginning of all things is likely to be modest. But, with the help of the Board of trustees, we are working hard to develop it as the best educational centre in human sciences, science and Engineering, Biomedical Science and Law with high quality faculty members, state-of-the art educational materials to be the best learning place to a global market. We are at present in the temporary site of the University. In the masterplan, the University shall grow up in an area of 100 acres of land beside the old campus. We have at present 15 (fifteen) functioning departments with wide spectrum of modern education in an interactive environment. Our efforts are to help equip our learners the skills through active learning programs.

With untiring effort and blessing of our Chairman Mohammad Yusuf we intend to be pioneer in an excellent field of mechatronics and Micro-Mechatronics engineering, a multidisciplinary new field of Engineering as we have the honour to be the 6th partner of EU4 European consortium. We have progressed from what could be termed the conceptual stage and set the arena for the potential customers, selection of suitable candidates. In this long journey, I must acknowledge the contribution of our adviser for Foreign Students Affair, Professor Colonel Dr. med. Mohammed Nazmul Ahsan Mallik (retired).

Building a system: We have our notion of building an educational system unique but unified with the visions of Founder Dr. Mir Mohammad Amjad Hussain. Our final products should not only be an excellent resource person but at the same time a good human being.

A self-tuned person who dedicates his knowledge, his education for the humanity.